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Early Child Development Curriculum

The First 2000 days of learning!


Early Child

By Meridian

Today, Meridian stands proud as a pioneering educational group that symbolizes proactive growth through constant research and development. A unique, one-of-a-kind, child-centric curriculum "CRESCENDO", focuses on the holistic growth of the child. Based on Whole Brain Development with activities that develop both the left and right brain skills, it helps in connecting the neurons of the brain to initiate creative pathways that foster out-of-the-box thinking.

Crescendo develops retention power of the learners and makes their relative skills sharper and helps learners with varied and multiple intelligences to grow holistically. The Visual, artistic, musical and aesthetic appreciation are integrated to ensure self- exploratory awareness. A delicate but beautiful balance is struck between the traditional teacher-taught methods and the contemporary teacher-led methodologies espoused today. Active and supportive parental involvement is encouraged at all times because Meridian sees the teacher and the parent as equal partners in the advancement of the child’s welfare. Our curriculum focuses on developing cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and logical skills with a good blend of value education and apt use of technology that is seamlessly integrated, revolutionizing pre-primary education.


Early Learning Centre.

Olivers philosophy is to gently foster and guide your child’s love for learning while supporting them to progress in unique areas/spheres. While attending Olivers, children will learn to accept, respect and embrace our differences while developing emotionally, intellectually and socially in all areas. The children will learn to express their ideas as well as comprehend.

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