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The Perfect
Balance between
Learning & Fun

Our preschools bring you learning experiences that are fun, motivating, safe and captivation offering not just child care but nurturing as well. Pre-school is the first step to a child’s journey of learning, so it’s important to ensure it’s handled delicately and done right.

What we believe in is encouraging children to explore, experiment and dream. We ensure we give that special attention to each of the children guiding them through their joy band of discovering and learning in harmony by playful means.

What we’ve always encouraged is a healthy productive partnership between teachers, centre heads and parents to ensure that there is no doubt left unattended.

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Teaching your child as moms do

For the earlier years of a child’s growth, a child’s best friend is always their mom. What we believe in doing at Olivers Pre school is, to nurture and teach the child like his or her mother would, to engage and interact with the child with all the love and understanding a mother has, to teach them with compassion and, to create a positively engaging environment for the child that motivates them to be happy at all times.

Every professional teacher at Olivers pre school is trained to subtly and patiently guide, foster and grow their personalities by interacting with them like a mother would. The teachers at Olivers Play school strike at growing the child in a way that they always sustain a positive attitude towards sharing, learning and interacting in all social matters.

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Learning what
you see, feel
and touch!


Early Learning Centre.

Olivers philosophy is to gently foster and guide your child’s love for learning while supporting them to progress in unique areas/spheres. While attending Olivers, children will learn to accept, respect and embrace our differences while developing emotionally, intellectually and socially in all areas. The children will learn to express their ideas as well as comprehend.

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