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Vision Statement

To provide a foundation for the future of every child through an interactive environment where they can learn and grow with an inspired approach to education and a life long learning.

Legacy we carry

Butta Group has been instrumental in the educational sector for more than twenty years with the establishment of our highly esteemed chain of Meridian Schools. They are extremely well reputed and carry a great deal of goodwill and trust among the people of Hyderabad. Now, they have come up with yet another venture in Olivers Early Learning Center, a premium range of preschools that they wish to open across the country. Their key focus is on helping children become achievers by building the foundation of guiding using value-based methods, and fostering their creativity and curiosity.

Have you met Oliver?

We are proud to introduce our Mascot – "Oliver", the penguin. Penguins are adorable birds that look like they are always well dressed in Tuxedoes. Hence, the name "Tuxedoed Birds". They are known to be loyal birds that believe in teamwork. Penguins are adaptable to any environment and situation easily as they are social birds.

What is most remarkable about penguins is that each bird has a distinct call to set itself apart from the rest. Oliver strives to inculcate these one of a kind attributes into every Olivean so that they grow up to be a class of individuals that stand out from the rest of society.

The Olivers Edge

What makes Oliver’s so unique? Our special curriculum keeps in mind the various needs that cater to each and every child’s growth. We are highly equipped with our vibrant team of professional experts that has always made it a point to go above and beyond to ensure that each child receives the guidance and support they need. Our teachers always lay emphasis on health and hygiene, as it is considered one of the most important teachings. More importantly, the teachers aren’t just mentors to children, they’re their friends as well.

Our Approach

Child's Best Friends

Personalized Care


Activities and Engagement

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Are you an Oliver yet ?



Early Learning Centre.

Olivers philosophy is to gently foster and guide your child’s love for learning while supporting them to progress in unique areas/spheres. While attending Olivers, children will learn to accept, respect and embrace our differences while developing emotionally, intellectually and socially in all areas. The children will learn to express their ideas as well as comprehend.

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